Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wedding Flower Ideas

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Wedding flower ideas

Throughout the time we’ve offered you several examples of wedding flower ideas and we just hope that you got advantage of our suggestions and maybe you’ve applied for some of these. If you haven’t been impressed by some of these, maybe you’re going to feel more tempted when it comes to these ones….

We start with our first wedding flower idea, which consists of a multicolored bouquet composed of several types of flowers and daring combinations: chrysanthemum flowers, roses and several other genres in different colors with different types of leaves and elements applied- resulting a wonderful combination of flowers and colors, all of these recollected in a nice looking bouquet with a violet ribbon.
wedding flower ideas

wedding flower ideas
The last wedding flower ideas that we have for exposing are the ones in which the main elements are calla flowers. The idea is to combine as many colors as you can: callas with roses, orchids, the bride’s flowers and any other flowers that you like the most. The basic idea is to have a glass container, vase or pot and fill it with these types of flowers. Here and there, you can observe some green elements that penetrate between the flower buds and this is quite an interesting visual effect if we come to think of it.
If you choose the right flowers you’re going to see just how great these go together and how finely all the elements cope together